The U.S. Air Force has looked to Boeing and its KC-46A tanker aircraft as part of the plan to upgrade the service’s tanker fleet. The KC-46A Pegasus is a wide body tanker aircraft that can provide in-air refueling of U.S., allied, and coalition military aircraft. Nearly 180 of the aircraft will be built and supplied to the USAF over the next several years.

Equipped with the Remote Visions System (RVS) from Rockwell Collins, the aircraft can also detect, avoid, defeat, and survive threats. The firm provides flight displays, communications, networking, and remote vision for refueling and other systems on the KC-46A.

The Remote Visions System (RVS)

The unique RVS platform combines two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) vision technologies using visible and long-wave infrared optical spectra for safe refueling of aircraft in all weather and possible threat conditions. “The cutting-edge technology developed for the RVS defies anything that’s previously been used for airborne refueling,” said Dave Schreck, Rockwell Collins’ vice president and general manager for Airborne Solutions. “This technology resulted from the hard work and innovative spirit of dedicated, professional teams from Rockwell Collins, Boeing, and the Air Force.”